The investment into your photos is one that will last a lifetime; a memory capsule. These memory capsules are my absolute favorite to capture for others as well as to personally collect for my family. I love to make this investment with other photographers because each photographer has such a different creative expression. I have also found each one is priced so differently and this is based on experience and pricing in that area. Your investment is an investment into you, and the invaluable gift of your story and the gift that the camera gives us to preserve time.

My process as a photographer includes the actual photographic work, time after the shoot sorting through and selecting the best and as many photographs as possible to include in your gallery, along with editing each image and delivery to an online gallery where you can download and print at your discretion. I do not consider retouching or printing as part of the process, but that is something that I can do. Photography is invaluable when it comes to your business or personal memories: whether by creating a return on your business through improving your online presence or by making a permanent time stamp on your life, the return on your investment is a gift that keeps on giving. My hope is to deliver you a capsule of beautiful memories that you will forever cherish and hold dear in your heart and mind.

As each photography occasion is unique, it best to please CONTACT me for a more detailed quote.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!